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Over the last 30 years, Edd’s Illustrations & caricatures have featured regularly in leading Sydney newspapers, international magazines and books.

Edd’s illustrations in The Sydney Morning Herald currently appear in Thursday’s Miranda Devine opinion editorial page, and Richard Hind’s Attitude Weekend sports  section, in print and online.

Many of Edd’s original illustrations have been purchased by collectors. His illustrations have also been used as reference by students and researchers.

Edd has 4 times been awarded as a symbolic illustrator and caricturist at the Australian Black and White Artists Awards.

Here’s a few samples of Edd’s published and unpublished illustrations. This page will be updated regularly to feature more of Edd’s new and archived illustrations. Edd’s distinct and fluid style – airbrushed, pastel, and/or digital, using a variety of methods is as recognizable as his penned signature aragon.



Tina Turner – Simply debased


Andy Warhol


Mike Tyson




Madame Butterfly – Imelda Marcos


Paul Keating

caric_madona_020 Madonna (80’s airbrush)

Edd’s  caricatures and artworks

can be purchased for publication or private collection.

Contact us to enquire:


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